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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I send an entire studio session online?

A: We will e-mail you a link to your own personal folder on our cloud-based server to upload all of your files at once, quick and easy. Once we have completed your project, we will send your files back via the same folder. You will have a connection directly to the producer or engineer on your project.


Q: How long will it take to mix my album?

A: Generally, it takes 2 business days to mix a song to completion.


Q: When I send a song to ILL Online Studios to produce, do I own the song or do I share the credit with ILL Online Studios?

A: As a client you absolutely own 100% of the work you send to us. As long as you own the music you send to ILL Online Studios, you retain all ownership and will own the rights to sell your music commercially after receiving service.


Q: Can I come and record my album at your studio myself?

A: ILL Online Studios is strictly a web-based business that will record, mix, edit, and produce your musical works entirely online.


Q: How long does ILL Online Studios keep a copy of my work after I have received mixing, mastering, or production services?

A: Our clients receive a copy of all works after each business transaction is complete. As a rule we hold all session back-ups for 90 days, then they are permanently deleted.


Q: Will you also print CDs and produce album covers for me?

A: ILL Online Studios’ primary focus is on the sound and processing of the musical aspect of your works. However we will advise for free what avenues to take once your record is completed.


Q: What happens if I want to change or edit the music sent to me by ILL Online Studios?

A: We work for our clients. If you have a revision you would like done, we will do your first revision absolutely free. Each revision after that is $25. If you want a complete retake it will only cost an additional $75..