Our Team

Our team

  • Erron Williams

    Erron Williams a native of Rockford IL., started playing drums at the age of 5 at St. Paul Church of God In Christ. While being a successful drummer, he began playing the organ at age 14. He started his career in producing music at age 15, with a small keyboard and a stereo. Through the tutelage of his cousin Stan Penix, he learned song structure. Errons’ 1st church job was at Christ Tabernacle Baptist Church in Rockford IL., where world renowned producer Big Jim Wright was the organist. In 1996 Erron Williams’ began playing for Ann Nesby (Former lead singer of The Sounds of Blackness) which took Erron to Sao Paulo, Brazil and the islands of Japan. Ann Nesbit landed a spot as the opening act for Mint Condition. Erron has also played for Lionel Richie, Robert Palmer & Janet Jackson. In 1997 he began playing keyboards for Michael Matthews (play writer of “Fake Friends), which starred Olie Woodson from the Temptations, Marvin Sapp & Damion Hall of GUY.

    In an effort to broaden his musical career Erron moved to Chicago in the summer of 1999. He began playing organ for St. Luke Church of God in Christ until offered a position as main organist for Evangelist, Elder Dr. W. James Campbell, Pastor of St. James Ministries Church of God in Christ, where he has served for 10years to date. While living in Chicago Erron has been afforded the opportunity to play and record with numerous gospel artists including New Direction, Chicago Mass Choir, DeAndre Patterson and the Progressive Radio Choir, Darius Brooks and Ricky Dillard and The New Generation Chorale. As doors opened other doors opened, Erron aspired to branch out and organize his own production company that he named Kairos Productions (Gods’ Appointed Time). Erron produced albums for a few of Chicago’s local gospel artists ;( Bridgette Campbell, Jason Shepard and another Level). In 2001 God favored Erron with an opportunity to produce a Christmas song entitled”O Holy Night” for Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child. Erron also produced the title tracks to both of Michelle Williams’s gospel projects. In 2004 he landed a production deal with Matthew Knowles of Music World Music, during that time Erron was fortunate enough to create a track that caught the ear of famed singer Beyoncé Knowles which was chosen to be on the last Destiny’s Child CD.

    Long term, Errons’ goal is to have a successful record company that produces quality music touching the lives of people all over the world through Genesis Music Group. After the music ministry Errons’ called destiny to one day lead Gods people preaching the word of God is inevitable as he lives in the blessings of the Lord until that appointed time.


    Artist Album Songs Year
    Michelle Williams Heart To Yours Heart to Yours 2002
    Rock with Me

    Michelle Williams Do You Know Do You Know 2004
    No One like You

    All about You

    Destiny’s Child Destiny Fulfilled Love 2004

    Destiny’s Child 8 Days of Christmas Oh Holy Night 2001

    Michelle Williams Unexpected Lucky Girl 2008

    1. Sheep Urban Notebook Runaway 2008
      What about the Children

    I Can Hear You Calling


    Bridgette Campbell Been Good I Won’t Look Back 2004


    I Can’t Live Without You

    Ricky Dillard Unplugged…The Way Engineer, Fender Rhodes, 2004
    Church Used to Be Keyboards, Producer

    Urban Knights V Will You Still Love Me Strings 2003

    Joshua’s Troop Joshua’s Troop Rain 2000
    Erron G. Williams Sr.

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    Kairos Productions/GMG (Genesis Music Group)
    Kairos,” is a Greek word used for time in the New Testament, more specifically defined as, God’s appointed/approved time. (Mark 1:15, 2 Corinthians 6:2, and 1 Peter 5:6) Kairos also signifies a unique moment in history, a predestined era. Man’s extremity is Gods opportunity… (His appointed time). We have to be mindful to never move ahead of God; for the steps of a good man or woman are ordered by the Lord!!! Yet, in our patience, we have to possess our souls. God has a divine plan, “a predestined era,” for his people. There will always be stumbling blocks, “opinions” and disappointments. If we can remember that in order to reach our “DESTINY,” God first APPOINTS, “AT THIS TIME YOU ARE TO WALK IN YOUR GIFT OR CALL AS TO PERFECT IT” (your extremity), and in his time, he APPROVES (Gods opportunity)!!!! “Acknowledge God in all of our ways, and he will direct our paths. God has called us for such a time as this, (therefore we keep our appointment), and for that alone…we are “THANKFUL.” All the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change comes… TO RECEIVE HIS APPROVAL…DON’T FORGET THE MATH–[YOUR EXTREMITY / YOUR APPOINTED TIME + GODS OPPORTUNITY * GODS APPROVAL = “DESTINY FULFILLED”] Be Blessed!!! (SLW)
    Vision: I challenge myself in the next 5 years to obtain and acquire with all of the Godly strength given to me, these things which have been placed on my heart…
    a) to purchase/build a home for my wife and children. (Accomplished)
    b) to study Gods Word as an ordained minister in preparation of pastoring one day.
    c) To never move one gifts journey ahead of the other.
    d) To produce quality music.
    e) To choose Artist(s) with a heart and passion for their craft(s). In this circle of talent it is my desire that together we are able to transcend the normality of the current state of the music industry.
    f) To build a state of the art recording facility that includes a rehearsal studio, offices, conference room, post and pre-production rooms along with film editing capabilities. My vision is that the studio is located in a woodsy or country area where there is peace and tranquility, along with spacious living quarters.
    g) To produce music that is not just Stellar or Dove standard but Grammy Award winning music.
    h) To become successful enough in music production financially that I’m able to care for my parents and allow my mother to retire and obtain capable help for the rehabilitation of my father.
    i) To leave an inheritance for my children and future generations.
    j) To establish other businesses under the Genesis Music Group umbrella.
    These things that I desire to achieve are all necessary to be fulfilled prior to my final destination & call to one day Pastor. These requests and hearts desires I place before the Lord and ask his blessings over the receivers and the carrier AMEN…


  • Lucy Brearly

    Lucy Brearly is a session vocalist and professional vocal stylist. She has referenced songs produced and arranged for such vocalist as Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry. Lucy has been a go to session vocalist from many producers signed to labels to give the potential client an idea of how successful the song could be for them, and with much success. She is also working on her first Solo project of her own material. Being a session vocalist with Cherrie Records for years has given her ample studio time and experience in the studio. Making her one of the most seasoned sought after vocalist for referenced songs and productions. Her styling ability and flexibility ranges from Carol King to Whitney Houston, to Celine Dion to Katy Perry. Her influences have made her very adaptable for any producer’s creative needs..

  • Stephanie Canada

    Born and raised in Rockford, Illinois to Robert and Phyllis M. Goldsmith. She was a busy little girl, being raised with two of her older brothers. Stephanie is the youngest of eight siblings. Stephanie’s hobbies included singing, swimming, roller skating and bowling. Stephanie was the 2005 winner of the Christian version of American Idol called Inspiration Sensation. With that win, she was awarded her first contemporary single “Good to know”. Stephanie had an opportunity to share the Entertainment stage with some of the finest gospel artists known today. Namely, Mary, Mary; Dewayne Woods; Tye Tribett; LeAndria Johnson; Michelle Williams; Todd Delaney; Amber Bullock; Alexis Spight; Tremaine Hawkins (for whom she also sang background for); she sang at the Chicago Gospel Fest and the House of Blues’ Gospel Brunch in Chicago; she sang backup for Andrea Helms and Wes Morgan, as well at the 70’s Landmark Gospel Concert in Rockford, IL in 2012. She also sang at Rev. Jesse Jackson’s 70th birthday celebration..

  • David Hayes

    David Hayes moved from Rockford, Illinois to study Instrumental Performance at Columbia College Chicago in 2001. At Columbia he studied Classical Guitar, Jazz Piano, and played In Rock bands. He has taught private music lessons for the past 9 years, while working on his original music. He just released his third album “Epics” Dave is a Gibson and Fender Player..

  • Aaron “Memphis” Smith

    A 24 year old musician/drummer that grew up in Memphis, TN. He found his passion for music at the age of 3 years old. Aaron grew up in church listening to Gospel music, and had a chance to play his first song at the age of five. Growing up in the C.O.G.I.C. (Church Of God In Christ) church where music was imperative and appreciated, Aaron was inspired by the drummers that played every Sunday. His biggest influences are Rexsell Hardy, Dave Weckle, Daniel Frye, Aaron Spears, Calvin Rodgers, Brian Frasier Moore, Varo Johnson, Buddy Rich and many more. These individuals have influenced Aaron “Memphis” Smith’s playing. At the age of 15, Aaron relocated to a small city called Rockford, Illinois, which is outside of Chicago where he developed his style of playing. Aaron played the snare, bass drum and learned to read music in his High School Band. Throughout High School Aaron began playing for a local community choir called Martin Luther King Unity Choir that traveled and performed at major political events. Aaron was also introduced to the GMWA (Gospel Music Workshop of America/Rockford Chapter) where he had a chance to work with gospel artist such as songwriter Percy Gray, founder of Chicago Mass Choir. Aaron also worked with the late songwriter Kayla Parker, and many other great Gospel artist. Shortly after graduating from High School, Aaron recorded his first gospel project in Louisville, Kentucky with the Alpha and Omega International Ministries Choir. While living in the Midwest, Aaron developed a heavy powerful sound and was learning different Genres of music such as Fusion, Hip Hop, Jazz, and R&B. While living in Rockford, Aaron was introduced to a local jazz, funk, and R&B saxophonist by the name of Harlan Jefferson. Aaron traveled with Harlan Jefferson around the Illinois and Wisconsin region. Aaron learned the versatility of different styles of music that required him to step outside of his comfort zone as a musician. In the fall of 2007, Aaron auditioned for Rock Valley College Jazz Band and received a scholarship to attend their music program where he studied Theory of Music. He was able to experience clinics and play with different well known Jazz composers and music professors from different colleges. While attending school Aaron played for a local recording choir called Symbols of Joy that didn’t quite hit the market like it should, but he kept his drive for music up to date as much as he could. Aaron also worked outside of Rockford musically with different community choirs in different states. Aaron represented several Guitar Center stores in Illinois in Regional Finals in the Drum off competitions. Somewhere down the road Aaron met up and coming Praise and Worship artist by the name of Todd Dulaney that also was a background singer for Gospel artist Smokie Norful. Aaron began doing mini drum production and programming for on stage worship with Todd Dulaney. The both of them served at a rapidly growing ministry by the name of Faith Walkers Assembly where the Bishop John Farris Senter is the founder and Pastor. After almost two years of the ministry being founded, Faith Walkers Assembly Prophetic Praise Team recorded their first project entitled “Just Sunday Morning Service”, where the project was recorded live during Morning Worship service. Aaron recently played drums on the jingle track for the new TV show that will be aired on TV ONE titled “Chosen for another View” coming spring of 2010. Aaron is also a drum programmer, songwriter and producer that is working on his own instrumental project and is doing production for different artist. Aaron is an up and coming drummer that loves God and is preparing for where God is getting ready take him as a young man and as a musician. Aaron is now preparing for an overseas tour with a Costa Rican Gospel artist for 2010 and getting ready for other gigs, tours and sessions that are in progress.

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