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In addition to getting real musicians and a full band to accompany your sound you can also choose to have a track professionally produced through electronic sequencing. This gives an artist a more affordable yet completely satisfying avenue in your artistic direction. We have teams of published producers waiting to serve and deliver the sound you need to have your music reach the masses. Call or email us for a free consultation

*Electronically Produced tracks start at $300*

  • Rock

    Does your music need an acoustic guitar on it to add realism to it? How about an insane rock solo to bring out the intensity of your record? Look no furthur! We’re the best solution to your problem. Ill Online Studios will have our session players provide you with the Rock, Pop or Jazzy sound your project needs. You have the idea we have the solution.

  • Gospel

    These days there are many vocalists looking for an outlet to release their music, thus, making it harder to gather musicians together and book studio time. Fortunately, through Ill Online Studios, you can now customize your own music or create your own instrumental accompaniment track. All that will be required of you, is to just sing us the melody, and send it to us via email or voicemail. Let us take it from there. We work closely together with you to come up with a track that meets your needs. The time to make this initiative is now!

  • Video Game Score

    Do you want to create independent games or shoot an independent film, and you need a score that won’t run your pockets dry? Then call or email our consultants today who are on standby waiting to help you come up with the perfect environment for your game or film. Whether you are looking for the ambiance sound FX or the full string ensemble – we will deliver.

  • Funk

    There are those of us who prefer techno or dance beats to their tracks. But there are also those who prefer beats similar to those made popular by legendary artists like James Brown and George Clinton; or legendary record labels like Motown and Stax record. If this is what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place. We guarantee you that we will work with you to produce a track reminiscent of this legendary era.

  • Country

    There are many writers and artists out there with a lot of great stories, but more often than not, they never get the chance to tell them. Country music, for those that might not know yet, has always been the best platform for great story telling. Do you have a great untold story? Just come pay us a visit and we’ll sit down with you and go over your guitar sketch. Or if you can sing us your melody, we will produce a track for you that you can freely release.

  • Neo Soul

    If you are a saxophonist or a guitarist and would prefer to have your original songs to be backed by jazz, then look no further. We pride ourselves for creating custom tracks that you can play at parties, events, and concerts. Just send us a sketch or an outline recording of your music. We can also create the track for you through our step by step track development process. Last but not least, you can also perform your original song without ever needing the backup of a live band.

  • Dance Music

    Are you looking for tracks that can be used as a template that you later add your own lyrics or ideas to? Do you want this coupled with some new chord progressions, drum samples, loops or effects? We got you covered! Simply send use your song’s melody recording or a sketch of your song and we will return it back specially tweaked for you. You’ll be able to jam your beat at the club by the time the weekend arrives.

  • Hip Hop

    With this track the artist requested a custom track for his song and giving specific instruction that a female vocalist to sing the hook. Peru’s entire process was a personal consulting experience with us. We asked what type of instruments Peru would like to be involved and sent back versions until he was satisfied. One of our Hip Hop Producers (Narsis Prince) was assigned to his project and kept working until he was satisfied with his experience. Finally, we had our Session Vocalist (Stephanie Canada) sing the hook for his record. Afterwards, Peru called requested a track and a vocalist. He brought lyrics to the table and we brought the rest. Just another day’s work for us.